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Selected Arctic Experience

Much of AXYS’ first project work was in the Mackenzie Delta and the Beaufort Sea region, as well as in the High Arctic. Important and relevant project experience includes:

Assessments and Impact Statements

  • Preparation and coordination of the Beaufort Sea Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the combined oil and gas operators in the Beaufort Sea region in 1982 (e.g., Dome Petroleum, Imperial Oil, ConocoPhillips Canada). This comprehensive EIS addresses the potential impacts for a wide range of oil and gas activities ranging from exploration, through production and transportation, including use of ice-breaking support vessels and on-shore support bases. The EIS is still considered to be the key assessment document for offshore activity in the Beaufort Sea.
  • Completion of a wide range of environmental impact assessments and screenings for large and small oil and gas projects and dredging projects in the Beaufort Sea and Mackenzie Delta
  • Site assessments of a large number (40+) of offshore drilling sites for Dome Petroleum, Imperial Oil and ConocoPhillips Canada, including baseline characterization of all of Dome Petroleum's offshore drilling sites (e.g., oceanography, sediment quality, water quality, benthos)
  • Oceanographic and biological assessments for the Tuktoyaktuk and McKinley Bay harbours, including effects of use of these facilities to support offshore seismic and exploration drilling
  • Completion for BHP Petroleum of an environmental impact assessment for an offshore oil field development and ship transfer facility in the Pechora Sea, Russia (an area strikingly similar to Canada's Beaufort Sea)Back to top

Atlases and Databases

  • Completion of a digital oil spill sensitivity atlas and response plan for the Beaufort Sea (similar atlases have been completed by AXYS for all of the Canadian Arctic except the Hudson's Bay area). These atlases are now part of Environment Canada's response plan for the Canadian Arctic and have been instituted by the government of Greenland for a similar project conducted by AXYS in 2001.
  • Development of a hydrological atlas and database for the Mackenzie RiverBack to top

Monitoring and Management Programs

  • Management of the Beaufort Sea Environmental Monitoring Program (BEMP), the Mackenzie Environmental Monitoring Program (MEMP) and the Beaufort Region Environmental Assessment and Management (BREAM) program for over 10 years (1983–1995). These programs identified and assessed potential environmental effects of offshore and land-based oil and gas development, and identified important information gaps and appropriate studies to fulfil these gaps.
  • Follow up environmental monitoring for offshore and terrestrial oil and gas developments in the Beaufort Sea and Mackenzie Delta, including assessment of the environmental effects of the Tingmiark K-91 explosion
  • Chemical analyses and biological assessments of the fate and effects of oil- and water-based drilling muds, including preparation of a comprehensive manual on drilling mud use. AXYS also conducted long-term monitoring programs on the environmental effects of a variety of drilling muds.
  • Assessment and long-term monitoring of the effects of oil spills and oil incineration in the Arctic environment
  • Oil spill modelling and response planning for offshore oil and gas developments in the Beaufort SeaBack to top

Training and Consultation

  • Training workshops on cumulative effects assessment and management for the Mackenzie basin
  • Assistance to the Russian Ministry of the Environment (through Canada's External Affairs) in developing environmental screening processes for hydrocarbon development in their arctic regionsBack to top

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